Consultancy for Churches

Consultancy and accompaniment to where God is leading your Christian  community.

Over the years I have spent working with churches and groups it has been exciting to be involved with their exploration of where God many be leading them next. Often it is helpful to have an external consultant to work on this exploration.

I can offer experience many years of work in this area.

You might want to explore

  • how you can make best use of limited resources,
  • what God is saying to you now,
  • how you can reach a particular group of people in your area,
  • how to make your church more welcoming to visitors
  • tourists to pilgrims, working with your sacred space,
  • how to listen to each other and the community you live alongside,
  • how to work as a team,
  • what do we want to pray for.

Comments by Revd Geoff Suart on their recent Growing Healthy Churches Day

“The Holy Spirit is described in Scripture as ” The Comforter” , but is often the One who can make us feel uncomfortable! Penny told us that she had run this training day some 60 times or more and I guess that all of us have, over the years, attended many meetings in Churches. Rarely have I been in such a meeting where everything has felt so comfortable despite the fact that we were talking about things that are potentially making us feel uncomfortable. To generate and facilitate such a gathering is indeed a rare gift that you have Penny, for which we warmly thank you.”

Some more quotes from Church members at a Consultancy Day.

“It was helpful to see which way our Church can move forward in the future.”

“Lovely leadership and good skills to bring out conversation and evaluation.”

” I found the method…. very effective.”

“A good cathartic experience.”
I have worked with the Church Health Check tool Growing Healthy Churches for many years. I find the mixture of analysis and future planning to work for most congregations. I recommend that  you try it. It works best with an external facilitator and time to think , listen and work together. Try to involve as many of the congregation in the process and not just the leadership group. Church Consultancy. growth, congregations,

Look closely at yourselves. 2 Corinthians 13:5 NCV

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