Personal and spiritual development.

Personal and spiritual development for individuals and groups.

Many people find it helpful to have some structure or accompaniment on their spiritual and personal development journey.

I can offer a variety of ways in which you might want to go deeper and explore your whole person.

I am a certified practitioner in the art of Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP), helping people to explore the structure of subjective experience. This can help at the level of gaining confidence, understanding and exploring choices you have to make, looking at how your perceptions about yourself may be holding you back and many other concerns.

Creativity is an important part of personal development. It can help release understanding and life force to work with a group of others in creative projects. Whether you want to work as an individual and release some pent up creativity  or if your group would like to be involved in a creative project together, I can work with you. I have specialised in working with creative crafts for many years.


Be changed within by a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you. Romans12:2. NCV

What to expect from NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming.


NLP is a way of helping people to explore the structure of subjective experience. It is a well-established set of techniques which can help a person understand their own behaviour and work to make changes.


In the first session I will want to explore with you what issues you have and what you would like to work on. Unlike some forms of counselling it will not be necessary for you to articulate all your concerns in detail but we will look at what your main issues are and what you hope to work on.


Being able to relax and control your inner thoughts to some extent is helpful for everyone. I will teach you some relaxation techniques as an aid to use both during our sessions and when you are alone.


NLP is more like coaching than counselling and you always remain in control. I am happy to work with people of all faiths and none but much of what underlines my own thinking are the two verses in the Bible –

“ transformed by the renewing of your mind”. (Romans 12:2)

and “the fruit of the Spirit is .. self-control ( Galatian 5:3). NLP has no underlying belief system and is practiced by people  of all beliefs and none.


To find out if this way of working is suitable for you I invite you to try an introductory session. If you find this helpful we will book in some subsequent sessions. The number of sessions required depends on your progress and problem. Four sessions is the average but some people find their problem solved after one or two. I will advise on this, and I will tell you if I think I can’t help you. At present I am working in North Essex, but will be moving north in 2012.


I am a self-supporting Christian minister and the money from donations made by clients goes towards my work. These donations can be made to The Church Army and can be Gift Aided.



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