About Penny

About Penny Horseman.

Penny worked for the Diocese of Chelmsford for 13 years as an Adviser in Evangelism and trained those on the Diocesan Evangelist programme. She is a Church Army Sister, Canon of Chelmsford Cathedral and member of the Archbishops Council College of Evangelists. She has an MA in Mission Consultancy. She is married with two grownup children and a granddaughter.

Penny Horseman Spirituality consultant

Her interest in people involved with alternative spiritual paths goes back to the 1980’s and she has worked with Journey into Wholeness Colchester since 2000. She has also worked with other groups at BMS ( Body Mind Soul) exhibitions.

She trained as both a teacher and as an artist craftsman and has worked in both fields.

She qualified in NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in 2010. For more information about this aspect of her ministry go to Personal and Spiritual Development.

Her vision is to work – beyond. The word Tathana which she has given to this ministry contains the word beyond in another language. Tathana was also the name of a very obscure Welsh saint. In working beyond she sees three strands


  • Beyond the church walls – reaching out to those who may not come to the church but who we can go to with the message of Jesus Christ.
  • Beyond what you are now- helping people to develop and become the people God wants them to be.
  • Beyond what your church is  now-  helping the church develop its mission.


Penny would be happy to explore with you where she can be used to help you go beyond where you are now.

Penny is a self-supporting minister and if you would like to give to support her ministry this can be done through The Church Army. 50 Cavendish Street Sheffield S3 7RZ

Please quote Ref. 1994PHO/81769

Penny would value your prayer support, please contact her if you would like to receive her prayer news by email.